Monthly Contest Themes

IPMSOC 2021 Monthly Contest Themes:

JANUARY –Meeting cancelled

February – Korea 1950 – 1953: Any subject in use during the years on or off the Korean peninsula

March – Black out: any subject whose paint job is predominantly black

April – Spanish Civil War: Any subject (in appropriate paint and markings) actively involved in the Spanish Civil War July 17, 1936 – April 1, 1939

May– Russian Road to Berlin: Any subject in use by any parties in the engagement zone covered by the Russian advance to Berlin.

June – High: Any subject, auto, armor, aircraft etc. in a high visibility colorful or predominately white and bright paint, no greens or greys

July – Low: Any subject, auto, armor, aircraft etc. in a low visibility paint scheme; primarily grey or green, no hi visibility colorful white etc.

August – From a Picture: Any subject made to replicate, in detail, (i.e. same marking, vehicle number etc.), a picture found in a personal collection or from a published source (including internet) showing an adequate portion of the subject to make certain the model represents the subject in its entirety. The model does not have to but may if you so wish, include the background in a diorama/ vignette format; or it may be just the subject. The picture used as reference must be included with proper reference citation and presented itself in a format no larger than 5”x7” and placed on the table along with the entry detail sheet and model

September – BUILD NIGHT – NO Contest

October – Shelf of Doom: Any subject you’ve had on your shelf of doom or recently acquired thru the distressed kits auction

November – Non-Traditional: Vacuum, Resin, Paper “Non-Injection” media any subject

DECEMBER – Winter White Wash: Any subject that uses a Winter style white
wash as its temporary camouflage.

JANUARY 2022 – Tribal: Any subject with a Native American or “nonwestern
name”: i.e. Iroquois, Pontiac, Apache, etc.