What is “M.O.T.Y. “

Member and Modeler of the Year

The M.O.T.Y. is open to all IPMS Orange County Members, but only members.

The M.O.T.Y. will go to the member who most participates at IPMS Orange County meetings, and provides articles, tips, etc for the newsletter over the calendar year ending in December of any given year. A running score will be kept and the Top Ten will be published here. The award will be presented at the January meeting, of the following year, to the member that has scored the most M.O.T.Y. points through the year. The award will be a plaque with a one (1) year paid membership to both the club and IPMS/USA.

Points may also be awarded, at the discretion of the club, for participation in other chapter events, doing a meeting program, etc. Basically what we will do is award M.O.T.Y. points for each of the following:

For Member of the Year
Doing a Club presentation program; 5 points
Speaking about a Show & Tell item 1 point
Contributing a Newsletter item of a half page or less 1 point
Contributing a newsletter item of more than a half page 3 points
Accepting a Nomination to serve as Chapter Officer 3 points
Participating in IPMSOC Make & Take or Table Info event 3 points
Supporting IPMSOC Club displays 2 points
OrangeCon Trophy packages sold (each) 2 points
Working at OrangeCon – 2 hr shift min (Max amount 5 points) 1 point
Toys for Tots program participation – per toy donated 1 point
Referring a person to become a new member to IPMS Orange County 2 points
Referring a person to become an IPMS National member 3 points
Singing and/or dancing at a monthly meeting -3 points

The Modeler of the Year points are just the modeling related points indicated below. The Modeler of the Year award will be a Plaque and a one (1) year membership in IPMS Orange County.

For Modeler of the Year
Entering one or more models in the monthly Contest 1 point
Winning the monthly contest:
Third Place 1 point
Second Place 2 points
First Place 3 points
Theme 4 points
Best of Show 5 points