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2016 Member and Modeler of the Year – Final

Results for 2016 IPMS OC Member of the Year: 

Derek Collins             219

Foster Rash                 83

Sir David Frederick    74

Brian Casteel              73

Terry Huber                64


2016 Modeler of the Year:

Joe LoMusio                  51

Keith Mundt                 33

Sean Fallesen                28

Jim Teahan                    27

Rick Beman                  25


Slide Show Photos…

The Slide Show photos above (on the Home Page) are some random selections from the recently completed OrangeCon 2016, held at Cal State Fullerton.


Positions being filled at IPMS ORANGE COUNTY

IPMS/OC announces new Club position personnel


We are pleased to announce the appointment of club member Jeff Hunter as the new club Treasurer beginning in 2017. Jeff will be taking over for outgoing treasurer Michael Bare, who has faithfully and diligently served the club for many years in that position. A special thanks to Michael and also to Jeff.

We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Derek Collins as our new Contest Director. Derek will be taking over for outgoing Contest Director Darnell Pocinich. This position demands a lot of attention, not only monthly, but especially leading up to and including OrangeCon every October. A special thank you to Darnell for his years of inspiring work and a also to Derek, who will be just as creative and effective.

Julian English has agreed to become the new Webmaster for our website, taking over for Joe LoMusio. Joe has been our webmaster for some five years and has overseen the complete overhaul of our website and online presence. Having moved out of Orange County, Joe feels it is best to relinquish these duties to someone who will maintain a constant presence at the club meetings. Julian is that guy and we are grateful for his willingness to assume this task.