How to reserve a Vendor Table

How to reserve a Vendor Table

How to reserve a Vendor Table at OrangeCon

Michael Bare, the IPMS/OC Treasurer, oversees the OrangeCon Vendor Table reservations.

Tables for the Vendor Faire at OrangeCon are 30” x 72” and undraped. Electrical connections are limited. Please contact Michael if you need power.

Before and on August 30, tables are $45 each. On and after September 1, tables are $60 each.

Besides payment, each vendor is required to read, understand and sign a contract in order to reserve a table. Also a current BOE Form 410d must be submitted with the signed contract and payment.

Once we have receive the payment, contract and BOE form, your table(s) will be reserved for you. Information you will need for the day of the show will then be sent to you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is suggested that you reserve your table(s) before or on August 30. You can still reserve your table(s) after that date but there could be delays to receive verification of your reservation. From September 5 to 29, 2016, Michael will be away and unreachable. During those three weeks, you may contact Nat Richards at 949-631-7142.

There are two ways you can reserve Vendor’s table(s) at OrangeCon.


  • Go to our website,
    1. Hover cursor over the OrangeCon Tab.
    2. Slide cursor down and hover over Vendor Information and Forms. Slide cursor to the right and select desired tab:
      1. “How to Reserve Vendor Table”
      2. “Vendor Contract”
      3. “BOE Requirements for Vendors”
      4. “Vendor Reservation Form”
      5. “Vendor Table Payment (with Pay Pal) through August 31”
      6. “Vendor Table Payment (with Pay Pal) on Sept. 1”
  • You can now Print, fill out and email the Vendor Reservation Form. The Email address is [email protected].
  • Select the Vendor Contract
    1. Print one or two copies. (Keep one copy will be for your records)
    2. Read, understand and sign the Contract.
  • Select the BOE
    1. Read all the information
    2. Click on the Link to fill out the form
    3. Print one or two copies
  • Pay for your table(s)
    1. Make sure you distinguish which payment fee you need depending on the date you’re paying for the table(s)
    2. Once you receive an email that your table payment has been received, email the Contract and the BOE form to [email protected].
    3. Verification that a table(s) is being held for you will be emailed.
    4. Further information such as how to get to the CSU Fullerton Student Union will also be emailed to you.

By Mail:

  1. Use the printed Reservation form on the OrangeCon flyer You can also print out a Reservation Form from the IPMS/OC website, see above.
  1. Mail the Reservation form and your payment check or money order to IPMS/OC, PO Box 913, Garden Grove, CA 92842.
  1. A copy of the Contract will be mailed or emailed to you, depending if you checked the mail only box on the Reservation Form or not.
  1. Mail or email a signed copy of the Contract and BOE form.
    1. Email documents to [email protected]
    2. Mail the documents to the IPMS/OC PO Box.
  1. You will be mailed or emailed that your reservation has been established.
  1. Further information such as how to get to the CSU Fullerton Student Union will also be emailed or mailed to you.


Vendor Contract

BOE (Board of Equalization) requirements 

Vendor Reservation Form

Vendor Table Payment (through August 31)

Vendor Table Payment (On September 1)


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